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Sunrise Saas valley

The high alps, the arctic mountains of Sweden or Mountains by the fjord in Norway? We are happy to guide you on your next adventure, everything from just one day to several days where we can go on multiple summits or maybe on one longer expedition? Also we can offer courses that suit you. Everything upon request so don´t hesitate to get in touch. 

Multipitch Climbing, Mirroir de Argentine
Multipitch mountain routes 

To climb big rock faces is something very special and a must do for every climber. Just within europe we have loads of mountains with big rock faces so plenty to chose from and always something that fit your ability. To climb multipitch routes it is recommended to have some previous climbing experience. 

Sport climbing
Rock climbing

Want to become a more indipendent climber or want coaching and guiding in a new climbing area? Then we can help you out. We can learn you the basics in climbing in places like Bohuslän and Gothenburg (Sweden) or coach and show you the best of places like Kalymnos (Greece)

Alpine multipitch climbing, Chamonix
Alpine and rockclimbing courses

To master the skills of traveling in the the vertical world takes time and patience. We can help you to build the skillset to master techniques both for your local crag, or to climb mountains in big alpine terrain. We build the course according to your wishes and goals. 

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